Native American Prophecy:

In Memory of Floyd Westerman

Everything is Spiritual, Everything has a Spirit.

Everything was brought here by the Creator.”

– Floyd Westerman

“The One Creator”

“Some people call him God, some people call him Buddha,
Some people call him Allah, Some people call him other names.”
“We call him Konkachila



Native American Prophecy (Video)

By. Floyd Westerman, Click “Play” Below.

Just Another Holy Man

(Music Video)

By. Floyd Westerman, Click “Play” Below.

(Partial Lyrics)
Another Man called Christ Almighty…
The Holy one called Jesus Christ…
He healed the lame and fed the hungry…
And For His Love They Took His Life Away,
On the road to glory where the story never ends…
Just another holy man, …who dared to be a friend…
My God, They Killed Him.


Parable of the Tenants

“A man planted a vineyard,

Rented it to some farmers and went away for a long time. At harvest time he sent a servant to the tenants so they would give him some of the fruit of the vineyard. But the tenants beat him and sent him away empty-handed. He sent another servant, but that one also they beat and treated shamefully and sent away empty-handed. He sent still a third, and they wounded him and threw him out.
“Then the owner of the vineyard said, ‘What shall I do?

I will send my son, whom I love;

perhaps they will respect him.’


“But when the tenants saw him, they talked the matter over.
‘This is the Heir,’ they said. ‘Let’s kill him,

The Inheritance will be ours.’

So they threw him out of the vineyard and,

“Killed Him.”


“What then will the Owner of the Vineyard do to them?

He will come and kill those Tenants

and give the Vineyard to others.”

When the people heard this, they said,

“God forbid!”

Jesus looked directly at them and asked,

“Then what is the meaning of that which is written:

The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone?

Everyone who falls on that stone will be broken to pieces;

anyone on whom it falls will be crushed.”

– Jesus Christ

Cf. Luke 20:9-19. Note: Matthew 21:33-45, Mark 12:1-12

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