Jesus in the Quran


The Example of Jesus to Allah is like


He Created Him from Dust;
then He said to him,


and he was.

The truth is from your Lord,
so do not be among the doubters.

Cf. Quran 3:59-60

O Mankind, Fear Your Lord,

who Created you from One Soul


and Created from it its Mate


and Dispersed from both of

them many Men and Women.

Cf. Quran 4:1


[mention, O Muhammad],

When your LORD said to the Angels,

I will Create a Human Being out
of Clay, from an Altered Black Mud.


“When I have Proportioned Him

and Breathed into Him of My Spirit,

then Fall Down to him in Prostration.”


…So the Angels Prostrated,

All of them Entirely,


Except Iblees (Satan),

He Refused to be with those who Prostrated.
Cf. Quran 15:28-31

God’s Final Word
Resurrection of the Dead
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